Brian Madigan, Life Path Mentor

Brian Madigan, Life Path Mentor

Brian Madigan is a Life Path Mentor who helps people manage change and live their destiny. He teaches his clients to trust their internal compass and act on their own wisdom. Part life coach, part spiritual advisor, he believes in developing one’s confidence in our benevolent Universe.

Times of great change magnify the choices that are always there. We can be true to ourselves, honour our dreams and live with purpose. But how do you make the right decisions? Start by owning the choice. Brian believes we all chose to be here, and that we all have a Life Path to explore and express. His mentoring helps you find your own path.

We all need support and guidance as we manifest our own unique destiny. By building a relationship with Brian as your Life Path Mentor, you’ll learn to develop trust in yourself and build a connection to your own higher wisdom.

Spiritual Insight and Practical Coaching

We all have access to a higher source of wisdom and guidance. Some people pray or meditate; some call it intuition. Whatever that source, we know it when we feel it – in our gut or in our heart.

The ancient Yoruba tradition of Ifa is the foundation of Brian’s work. It forms a spiritual and practical framework we can use to examine our lives and gain wisdom. Brian taps into that wisdom by reading the energies at work in our lives.

Your first reading is your Life Path reading. The secrets to dealing with change and choice are contained in your Life Path. It helps you understand the way you move through the world and how you connect with your own highest self. Zooming out to see the bigger picture can turn a difficult transition into a dynamic exploration of all that’s possible.

The Life Path reading is completely free, and there is no obligation to continue.
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If the Life Path reading inspires you, you can start working with Brian regularly by getting Current readings. These readings have elements of personal coaching, but spirit is always first. Each reading is about making the most of this moment and discovering what forces will help you remove obstacles. You'll talk about where you are, where you want to go, and you'll get any questions answered. With fresh clarity, you can plan both practical and spiritual next steps.

While the readings are at the heart of the guidance, it's up to you to develop trust in yourself. Whether you choose to look at Brian as a coach, a mentor, a guide or a partner, you are always at choice. It's always your actions that align you with the Universe, and move you toward greater happiness.

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Support to Grow, Coaching to Change

As a mentor, Brian is focused on helping you find your own truth. He’s there to support you in making courageous choices.

What is a mentor? Here’s a great definition: “Mentors work with you one-on-one for a limited time. They bring their vast amount of experience and wisdom to help you understand the situation you face, the forces involved, your options and the likely consequences of each. Then they let you decide what is in your best interest and help you chart your course.”

One of the primary rules in Ifa is that good character determines outcomes. Brian firmly agrees. If we want to have a good life, we must live and act as good, ethical, people. That starts by being true to ourselves and our calling, even when it’s hard, even when others don’t believe in us. We continue to live at choice even when it might not be so obvious that we do.

Creating change takes courage, but you don’t have to do it alone. With Brian as your Life Path Mentor, you have an ally in living your happiest life.

It’s time. You’re here because you’re ready.

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